Mimbob is a micromobility brand looking at improving the way people move around urban cities. We are electric scooter experts first and foremost. As specialists in design and creation, we have worked for years to study how to provide our clients the best possible way to move around their urban communities that is fun, exciting, and convenient. We understand how much commuting is important to people, and getting people from point A to B in a fun, exciting and 21 st century style is something we are proud of. At Mimbob we hope to bridge the gap between walking, cycling and driving with a concept we call micromobility that brings our clients convenience through electric scooters. We hope you are as excited as we are for the future we want to create together.

Each scooter is carefully designed by us and our customers, which allows us to witness the history of our scooter design.

Our orders are increasing one by one, We are also very popular with our regular customers because we always produce on time and with top quality.