Italians are born with a thirst for life – an insatiable quest for knowledge, culture, novelty, experience, beauty, art, and connection – this is the universal desire for freedom.

Free to dream and to explore.

To connect with like-minded souls while expressing our own individuality – this is the true essence of freedom… of HolyFreedom©.

Born nearly two decades ago in the gastronomic capital of the world, Parma, Italy and greatly influenced by the stables of Italian motor sports cars and motorcycles mere kilometers away, HolyFreedom© combines centuries of European craftsmanship with the uniquely Italian pursuit of style, romance, and quality of life.

Whether you’re motorcycling city streets, touring coastal highways, or attending a Grand Prix as a rabid spectator, we’ve got you covered.

To share rich sensory experiences alone or with fellow beautiful humans – and look totally badass doing so – this is HolyFreedom©.