Made of  aviation aluminium, high-strength, and compact enough, Yinke scooters will help you to get to the destination safely and rapidly.

Powerful motor wheels and reliable control electronics will effortlessly for you to travel around the city and take adventures in open airs.

In our shop, you will find all the necessary replacement parts and top-quality accessories for your electric scooters which will be a great addition to your device.

YINKE i5 is an electric scooter with independent design and unique style, and an ultra-HD meter that is easy to see all information and conditions of i5.

It contains a sinusoidal wave controller: mute, higher motor efficiency under climbing and accelerating.
Brushless DC Motor for better motor efficiency, more energy saving and the service life of brushless motor is five times that of brush motor.
Better anti extrusion, anti-puncture, and waterproof performance.
Front and rear and 4-turn signal atmosphere lamp to ensure safe and looks fashion.
Own molds to ensure quality.